No Smoking at the Gates Launch

Smoke Free School Gates Launch


The children in our school told the School Council that they didn’t like having to walk past people smoking outside of the school gate.


We worked with ASH Cymru and Swansea Council to launch Swansea Council’s Smoke Free School Gates Campaign.


Lots of people came to our school.

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We explained how the campaign affects us and the Rights of the Child that link to it.


We made a video.  You can watch it here.


No Smoking at the Gates from Sea View Community Primary Schoo on Vimeo.

We performed a song that singing club wrote with Mr. Williams and Miss Thomas.  You can hear it here.


Lots of people were interested.  We were featured on the BBC Website, ITV Website, The Wave and BBC News.  See the links below.


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Children’s Rights Web Page

Check out this useful website.

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Rights Respecting Schools – Pupil Survey

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Reggie’s Rights Ambassadors

The Rights Ambassadors help to teach us all about the UNCRC and Children’s Rights. They are currently working with Ms Davies to achieve the Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools Award.

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Learning Explorers

There are two Learning Explorers in every class and they are working with Mrs Dunn to help make decisions and shape our curriculum.  The Learning Explorers take part in learning walks and talk to other children about their learning.


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Qwerty Crew

The Qwerty Crew are enthusiastic about IT, computers and digital learning.  They help us to promote IT within our school and help to spread the important messages about e-safety.

If you are worried about any aspect of e-safety then please see Mr Tiltman.

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Criw Cymraeg

There are two members of Criw Cymraeg in each class and they work with Ms Brown to help  promote Welsh throughout our school.  They are positive about the Welsh language and are helping us to work towards the Siarter Iaith.  Diolch!

If you have any suggestions for ways we can improve Welsh in our school, or if you know of any yard games we can play then please see your Criw Cymraeg representatives.

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Eco Ambassadors

Every class has two Eco Ambassadors.  It is their responsibility to make sure we are an Eco-friendly school.  At Sea View Primary School we care about the environment and try to do our best to help the World.  Mrs Rabab helps to organise the Eco-committee.

If you have any suggestions for ways we can become more environmentally friendly in Sea View, please see your Eco Ambassadors.

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School Council

The School Council represent their class and school in helping us to make decisions to improve our school.  Ms Catto helps to organise the School Council and we meet every fortnight.

If you have any ideas for ways to improve our school, please see your class representatives.

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Dance Club

If you love to dance then come along to Dance Club every Thursday at 3.30pm in the school hall!  We try all types of dance – hip hop, folk, contemporary, lyrical and Bollywood!  It’s great fun and good exercise.  See our club secretary Angelika (Y6) for more details.

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